Ways In Which You Can Make Your Site Look More Professional And Credible

For web surfers, the appearance of a website can be one of the biggest criteria for navigating through it. This is why you need to create a site that looks both appealing and professional. Since first impressions matter most when it comes to browsing a website you need to ensure that the feel and design of the site are such that the visitor is encouraged to stick around. Besides the overall design and layout, the links must be easy to spot, the content needs to be engaging and helpful, and navigability should be so easy that your visitors have no difficulty in finding what they need. These are the basic things to look out for when you create a website , here are the tips..

Tips To Create A Website That Looks Professional:

  • Reduced Loading Time: Making sure that the site has pages that load faster is as important as making sure the site looks professional. No site visitor plans on waiting for minutes for a page to load up; according to Kissmetrics when a page takes long to load the abandonment rates are very high. You can boost page loading speeds by optimizing codes and images and reducing numbers of redirects.
  • Avoid Clutter: The site needs to look clean and uncluttered; no viewer will browse through a site that is hard to navigate or read. The design should be clean and well-organized. Customers will expect that; at the same time, the look should not be so mundane that it fails to strike a chord with guests.
  • Mobile-friendly site: It is really important to make your site mobile user-friendly because the number of smartphone users spending time browsing on the Internet is continuously on the rise. 
  • Get Chatbots: This is a rather useful tip to make sites more appealing to customers because these automatic bots will chat with buyers to make their shopping experiences far more satisfying and hassle-free. Messaging technology is known to guarantee a superior customer experience and these artificial intelligence-based messaging tools are ensuring much higher conversions.

Chatbots Offer A Better Shopping Experience For Customers

  • Templates/ Custom Designs: When designing a site, you need to figure out whether a pre-designed template will work best or a custom one. You will find an incredible number of do-it-yourself tools and site templates that can help even a complete amateur come up with an impressive site. 
  • SEO: You have to make sure your customers can find you easily through search engines. So, instead of concentrating all your efforts on the site design you need to see how it performs on search engines. This means focusing on building meta descriptions and SEO-friendly page titles.
  • Homepage Appeal: It is important to make the homepage interesting and eye-catchy so that visitors are driven to explore the site. This means choosing appropriate background images and headings, making sure these are compatible with your business’s unique personality.
  • Fonts: It is wise to get creative with fonts to catch your customer’s attention. Earlier, web designers were hesitant to use fonts that looked slightly difficult to read and stuck to ones like Sans Serif; but today, with superior screen resolutions, it is possible to experiment with many eye-catching fonts. 
  • Videos: Including videos is being looked upon as a great way to boost conversions because it guarantees high customer engagement. In today’s fast-paced digital age, videos are perhaps the most effective and engaging tools that can enhance the overall site look.
  • Test it yourself: You need to assess your own visceral response to the site; when you have been building it for days on end gauging your own reaction is hard. But, if you can take a break and re-visit the site later you can easily spot what the shortcomings are. You can even ask for feedback and comments from your close friends and family members.

Ways to Make Shopify Stores More Professional:

  • When you create a website using Shopify and want to make it more professional-looking you need to ensure that the search box stays visible throughout. If customers cannot locate it fast, they will navigate to some other site.
  • You need to be able to display personalized pictures or videos related to the products. So, your suppliers must provide these for you along with their products. High-quality images are needed to make products appealing to buyers since they cannot smell, touch, or wear these.
  • Using the right colors will make sure that the customers are attracted to your store. For instance, red indicates energy, passion, and ambition while light or dark blue indicates loyalty and sincerity.
  • Loading speed for the site must be enhanced to give your store an edge over its competitors. When your site has loading times more than the average loading time for your niche market, you can use widgets and plugins to take care of the problem.
  • Finally, make sure your store has the necessary SSL certification to make customers confident about its security.

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