Want to Teach Your Wife How to Crack Programs?

It’s not a secret that we aren’t a 100% fair with our government. It’s a mutual complicated process that requires us a little bit of a hacking skill. Is cracking apps easy for us? Yes! Do we need a lot of time to do that? No!

We download cracked apps for several reasons. First, those programs can be not in stock yet, so we need to find them in different places. Second, licensed software can be extremely expensive, so taking free trials is not unlimited, too.

Have your wife or girlfriend ever asked you to crack or patch a program she got from a pirate site? According to the survey, women are stereotyped to have less computer literacy. Is it true? Check the whole article here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1474904116672468. But today we will teach you how to crack a program in no time. Also, it can be a comprehensive guide for men.

  • Examine the folder in downloads. Sometimes, it may contain another folder called Crack, but at other times, you can search for some clues in the .txt file (which is usually a readme instruction or a serial key).
  • Search for the .exe file. Open it. It can generate keygen or contain the Request code input field.

Instructions on how to install software

  • First of all, check the downloaded file for viruses! You cannot just open any folder and hope that your anti-malware system is strong enough to detect a little sneaky spy. For that, use a universal antivirus like Virus Total (https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home). Make sure that no system has detected malware software or viruses.
  • The first thing you need to pay attention to is whether there is a “readme.txt” or “read me.txt” file in this folder (there may be other names). Very often, it contains instructions for the correct installation of the program. If there is a file with instructions, then just open it and follow the instructions. If there is no file, then the situation is a little complicated.
  • The serial number in the text file is important. To confirm the rights to the program, a serial number is sometimes required. When you have it, you can install the program for free. A serial number may be required either during the installation of the program or at the first start after installation. You cannot skip this step; the program will not go further until you enter the serial number.
  • A folder with the program (exists in the same folder as the installation file) may contain a file with a serial number. Most often, it is called “serial number,” “key,” or “crack.” Open this file, copy the serial number, and paste it in the right place.
  • Or generate keygen. In your installation folder, there might be a program called “crack” or “keygen.” There will be a field where you’ll have to generate a code; click “okay,” then “next.” It will continue your installation.
  • Sometimes you can’t just generate a serial number to install a program for free. In such cases, they use special programs to modify files so that the program does not ask for a fee. In the folder with the installer, there should be a file called “patch” (keygen, crack, etc.). The first thing we must do is install the program (the one we want to make free). After installation, you do not need to open the program. Next, you need to place the patch (or another patch file) into the folder where we installed the program. Most likely, it is at C:/Program files/program name. Just replace the files and click “apply the patch.” In most cases, it works.

What if nothing worked? If you can’t find a single applicable patch, just Google “patches for XYZ” and paste every code. If you still have some trouble, describe a problem and search on different keygen forums. Sometimes your antivirus sees a keygen as malware and gets rid of it. If your app ran perfectly, but after you rebooted your computer, it suddenly stopped working, search this file in your antivirus quarantine and exclude the keygen from it.



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