Why are video games good for you?

There are many types of research and articles on how video games are bad for you. They tell us that video games make you lazy and are harmful to your mental health. Well, not all video games are the same, and not all people are affected in the same way. Video games are mainly just a way to kill time and play. Every activity has its pros and cons; it’s only you who should decide how to do it and what to gain from it. Doing something too much has its consequences, we aren’t telling you to play video games for 10 hours straight, but there are some benefits to playing video games along with the harms. Such as the new videogame CyberPunk is being released and true gamers would probably go crazy after it. You can find the costume of the characters of CyberPunk on Harley quinn birds of prey jacket where they have a vast collection of Michael Jackson Costume. They have a wide range of amazing apparel to choose from.

Benefits of playing video games

Video games may slow down the aging

No matter you are old or young, male or female – everyone has to age. In this process of aging, people make sure that they slow down their bodies from growing up too fast by regular exercises and workouts. In the same way, one needs to make sure that their minds don’t age too quickly. Video games are a way of slowing down the aging of our minds. It keeps us young and healthy. It keeps our brain ‘in shape.’

Research shows that older people who play video games for less than 10 hours a day have fresh and young minds as compared to those who don’t play video games.

Better decision-making ability

  1. Shawn Green from the University of Rochester conducted an experiment where he made two groups of the same age group, one group with no gaming experience and a group with gaming experience. He gave them a simple game to check their decision-making ability. By the end of that experiment, he confidently claimed that playing video games helps to enhance the decision-making ability in an individual.

Gaming can help your eyesight

The entire world tells us that playing too much video games can make us go blind. The rays are harmful and can cause dry eye syndrome.

On the other hand, some people at the University of Rochester conducted a little experiment. The 2009 study included a group of people who played first-person shooter games and another group who played slow games like The Sims 2. The experiment proved that the focus group who played first-person shooter game were the people who had GOOD eyesight. Since in a shooter game, you need to pay attention to your surrounding and your enemies closely, you get the hang of looking closely which helps you see a lot and thus, helps improve your eyesight.

Video games make you less anti-social

When people say that video games isolate you from the world, there are still some people who disagree with this statement. A group of researchers in the UK and Canada, recently did their studies to find out whether gamers are anti-social because they are gamers, or is it one of their personality traits. In this research, they found out that gamers are more likely to take part in socialization and be communicative and friendly people.

Video games can enhance your ability to learn

The University College London and Queen Mary University conducted some experiments where they took 72 volunteers and made them play two different video games for about six to eight weeks.

This experiment proved that the group of people who played a fast-real-time strategy game were more likely to have a better learning ability as compared to the group of people who played a slow game like The Sims 2. Slow video games might not have the same benefits as a fast-real-time videogame. Fast video games require quick thinking and ability to make wise decisions and also helps you learn about distinct patterns quickly.

Improves Focus and Attention

Video games need your full attention and focus, one missed second, and you’re dead in the game. Video games help to sharpen your ability to focus on one something. You need to keep an eye on the overall screen and be attentive to what you’re doing and what is about to come next. It is proven that video games help you to improve your ability to pay attention and focus on something.


Just like exercising is a way to keep your body working, video games might be a way to keep your mind working healthy and fit. Video games need your focus, attention, and ability to make quick decisions. It is also proved that video games might also help to treat depression to some people.

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