The Most Common Mac Problems and How to Fix Them

A brand-new Macbook will not last forever. You are bound to experience problems after using it for a while. And the most important thing to remember that there is no reason to panic. 

Most of the issues can be solved on your own. And since you have a lot of common problems that persist among so many users, it is easy to compile a list of what you will most likely encounter. And by knowing beforehand, you will have an easier time solving the issue. Here is a list of the most prominent Macbook issues and how to fix them.

Problem #1 – Flickering Screen

A flickering screen appears on both retina and non-retina screens. Macbook users have noted that the problem occurs mostly when using Terminal or enabling and disabling graphics. 

Sometimes, mac screen flickering ends up being so strong that you can no longer look at the screen. The issue is thought to stem from incompatibility between new OS and GPUs. 

There are a few things you can do to fix the problem. The first one is to restart the computer or shut it down and turn it on again after a few minutes. Updating the OS and resetting PRAM or NVRAM are also two options. Finally, you should clear cache files and other junk on the drive. 

Problem #2 – Sudden And Frequent Restarts

Sudden restarts are also known as kernel panics. When a Macbook reboots after an error, you will get a window that says “Your computer was restarted because of a problem”. Now the same window will not tell you the cause of the issue.

Kernel panics occur for various reasons. It can be a problem with hardware like CPU or RAM. An unreliable peripheral connected to the Macbook or lack of disk space could also be behind the problem.

If you are experiencing kernel panics now and then, you should not worry too much. But if they occur multiple times throughout the week, something should be done. Here are some solutions:

  • Remove accessories like a webcam if you have been using it and see if the situation changes.
  • Make more space on the disk.
  • Run Apple diagnostics.
  • Reinstall the OS.

Problem #3 – Random Freezes and App Crashes

Do you encounter app crashes and freezes frequently? Unresponsive and sluggish applications are a pain, and you have to deal with the issue at hand. Otherwise, it will be impossible to use the Macbook.

Lack of disk space is the most common cause behind app crashes and freezes. You will need to create more space. It is also possible that you are running something like a video game that has higher minimum requirements than your current specs.

Run Disk Utility and get rid of resource-intensive apps. Finally, if the crashes and freezes persist, you will have to reinstall the OS. 

Problem #4 – Declining Battery Life

Batteries do not last forever. Anyone who has a smartphone knows that it begins to decline after a while. And the same principle applies to Macbook batteries as well. You could end up needing a charging cable in the socket all the time. And before you decide to change the battery, here is what you ought to try:

  • Reset the System Management Controller. If the battery is still in decent shape, this rest will resolve some issues. 
  • Extend the life of a battery by tweaking energy saver preferences, disabling Bluetooth, dimming the keyboard backlight, getting rid of visuals, and paying closer attention to Activity Monitor and how much energy each app in the background takes.

Problem #5 – Overheating

Overheating is another common problem in Macbooks. The issue becomes most prominent when it is hot outside, and you cannot keep the room temperature low.

Random restarts and thermal throttling are the final signs that the Macbook is reaching its limits. Fans can be regulated using specialized software, but putting them to more work is just a band-aid. 

If the internal cooling or temperature sensors break down and you continue using the computer, it will cause damage. Overheating can be prevented by:

  • Resetting the SMC. 
  • Cleaning the dirt and dust inside the Macbook.
  • Taking it to repairs. Since the internal hardware is involved, it would be best to leave everything in the hands of a professional.

Problem #6 – Inability to Shut Down Properly

While the problem of a Mac failing to shut down properly is not a big issue, it can still become a bother. The most likely culprit is a third-party software running in the background and blocking the process. In case you cannot shut down the Macbook properly, try:

  • Quitting open apps, even if it is a forced shutdown via Activity Monitor.
  • Forcing the shutdown.
  • Restarting the computer.
  • Scanning for malware and other threats using anti-virus software.

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