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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is actually the practice to increase your website’s organic traffic. It makes your website’s visibility at the top of the list. Quality of the content, backlinks, and targeted keywords are the basic characters of SEO.

Let me explain this in the simplest form. There are millions of different pages that exist on the internet. But when you search for something the results show by Google or any other search engines are relevant to the thing you searched for.

Like if you search for “New Models of iPhone”, Google shows you only the pages that have information about new iPhone models.

But then the question arises, from thousands of pages that have the information of iPhone’s new models why we are seeing these on the top page? To rank your website on the top is actually called SEO. it depends on more than two or three elements.

Quality of Content

If we discuss the elements that are the reason behind the top-ranked pages, then one of them is the quality of content.

It means the content we are publishing on our website or blog post should be written properly. The keywords should be used and targeted properly. Information about the thing we are discussing should be accurate and brief. 


The other thing is how many backlinks we have managed to make for our page. The page with the maximum backlinks will be considered first to rank at the top. 

The content or blog post we have published should be relevant to the main title or keyword. This also a part of the practice we do to rank our website at the top. 

These are the basic reason and pieces of information about SEO. but how to do SEO is much more than this. There are many institutions that are teaching short courses in this regard.

There are also many online platforms that offer online courses to learn SEO. Udemy has a variety of different paid and free courses on How To do SEO.

If you want to learn these courses for free, webcourses would be your dream website. This website has almost all the free Udemy courses and charges nothing in return.     

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