Most important tips for the night before the exam

Exam time can be stressful and exhausting for students. Students study at length for hours to score the best for marks in their exams. Time schedules, extensive syllabus and the pressure to score good marks can sometimes take a toll on you. It is important to realise that as much as it is important to score well in your exams it is equally important that you take care of yourself. It is necessary that you complete all your syllabus well in time and do not leave anything for the last minute. Some tips to help you complete your syllabus in time and keep your night before the exam relaxed:

  • Prepare a timetable- Having a time schedule helps you keep a check on the syllabus and helps you make sure you do not skip anything. It helps in time management by dividing time for each subject and topic. You can give time to the subject or topic depending on your preference. Having a timetable will help you finish your syllabus well in time.
  • Write and learn- Write and make notes in whatever you are learning. This will help you get into the habit of writing answers and increase your speed for the exam. Most importantly, writing and learning help you retain and learn better.
  • Clear your doubts well in time- While studying, make a list of your doubts and clear them the next day at school or in group study. Do not leave anything for the last minute. This will only create problems and confusion for you if you try and clear all your doubts in one day.
  • Learn along the way- Be consistent in what you are learning. Study and practice what is being taught in school every day. This will help you be well-versed with most of the syllabus when you start preparing for your exam. If you try to mug up everything during preparation it will not help you. You will keep
    forgetting things. So do not try cramming everything all at once. Learn it as it is being taught in school.
  • Check your syllabus- Before you start preparing or during preparing make sure to check your syllabus. This is to make sure you do not miss out on any topic. Keep a check on your syllabus as you are preparing. 

Tips for the night before the exam:

  • Stay calm and relaxed- The night before the exam is not the time for you to panic or worry about anything. Be relaxed and stay calm. Let go of any unnecessary pressure. Do not try to stay up too late and study. Overpreparing can ruin your chances of getting good marks. Know when to stop preparing. 
  • Be confident in what you have studied. Being confident is the most important thing for you to score well in any exam. You have to have faith in yourself that whatever you have studied is correct and you know it well. You have done the best you could. 
  • Do not get confused- In continuation to the point above, be confident in what you know. Do not confuse yourself by talking to your friends at the last minute especially the night before and confuse yourself regarding any topic. Do not gather any new information. Do not discuss your syllabus with anyone.
  • Stay away from any distractions. Maintaining focus is key for scoring well in your exams. Stay away from unwanted distractions like social media or being online. These distractions can suck you in and cause you to lose valuable time. 
  • Revise- Before you sleep, revise or go through the notes and important questions. This should be just a quick glance over the notes. Do not overdo it and study till late. This should be just a quick refresh of the important topics or the formulas. 
  • Do not try to learn anything new-  If you discover a new topic in the syllabus that you have skipped, leave it now. You are less likely to learn it and more likely to rush and panic. You will only confuse and stress yourself trying to cram a new topic in such a short period of time. Stick to what you know.
  • If you feel stressed or anxious, try to get into a small workout or cardio. This will help you release some stress and in a positive way. It will help you feel good about yourself as well. After the workout, shower and prepare for the night and you are bound to feel much calmer.
  • Prepare for the morning- Pack your bag and essentials for the exam, set your alarm, lay your uniform out etc. Do all that needs to be done in the morning to get ready for the exam. Do not leave it for the morning. Do not leave in a rush for the exam you are bound to forget something. It is better to prepare all that you will need for the exam the night before. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep- Make sure to get a full night’s rest. Sleep on time and wake up early for your exam. Incomplete sleep can cause you to lose focus and become irritable during the exam. Sleep well and eat well the night before the exam. A good meal will help you feel content and happy and make sure that you sleep well at night. Sleep in peace with no stress in mind about the exam. 
  • Maintain a positive attitude- Do not let anyone or anything let your spirits down, the night before the exam. Be confident in yourself and believe that you will only experience a positive outcome. If you are positive you will go with that attitude only to take the exam. A wrong attitude can change the way you attempt to appear as well. Hence, always have a positive outlook towards the exam whatever may be the scenario. You know that you have prepared your best and are confident. 

Follow the above-mentioned tips, completely trust your preparation and you will be alright. The exam will go well.

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