Installation Guide on Minecraft: Java Edition Mods for Beginners

Today’s generation developed countless RPG (Role-Playing Games). From online multiplayer games to offline ones. Who would have thought that a sandbox video game would still be awesome in the year 2020? Even surrounded by a bunch of more complicated high definition games, playing Minecraft remained to be cool stuff to do.

Minecraft lets you build unique buildings and infrastructures using blocks. Endless possibilities in a virtual open-world can be created. Users must have creative minds to build anything they could possibly think for.

Ever since the game was released, questions aroused on how to make it better. User-made modifications or mods were developed to enhance Minecraft gameplay. Different gaming experiences were created modifying the old version of the game. Minecraft mods are credited as one and foremost reasons why the game became more successful as it did.

When beginners see the word, “mods”, they become a little disturbed because it usually implies that it needs some computer programming skills to have one. Fortunately, by the help of gaming communities, various mods were developed and free to install. Now, how to install Minecraft mods? Follow the guidelines below.

System Requirements

It is prudent to check your system if your hardware and software components are compatible before you begin modding. Minecraft mods are not compatible with other gaming platforms such as Xbox One, Ps4, Android, iOS, or Nintendo Switch. Mods on Minecraft only works when you are playing on your Personal Computer.

First things first, make sure that your PC’s graphics card can handle modern games such as PUBG, DOTA 2, and CS: GO to be able to keep up with the Minecraft game and its mods. Secondly, ensure that you have installed the current version of the game Minecraft: Java Edition for the mods to work.

3 Most Important Things to Successfully Download and Install Minecraft Mods

Java is a programming language and a computing platform that is used by developers to compile codes on platforms supported by it. It is similar to C and C++ but also considered as an all-purpose computer programming language. Your computer needs to have a java program to make Minecraft mods working. To download and install Java, simply type “download java software” on google and click the first link. After downloading, install the program then restart your computer after the installation.

 Forge is an open-source modding API developed for free to simplify the compatibility between community-created mods in Minecraft: java Edition. To download the program, simply type “download Minecraft forge” in the search box and go to the first link that appears. To install forge, locate the “.jar” file on your download folder and double-click it to begin the process. After installation, run Minecraft: Java Edition and select forge as your profile.

A community-led gaming website called Curseforge is a place where you can download video game modifications for Minecraft. This website lets you search and download user-created mods for free.

Recommended Minecraft Mods for Beginners

Chisel 2. Minecraft’s foundation is depending literally on its blocks. With this mod, you can add and select different varieties of colors and designs to enhance everything you have built.

Caterpillar. This mod gives you special materials to build a tunneling machine. Making a tunnel became effortless with this mod because it will automatically do the digging for you.

Simply Jetpack. It is indeed cooler roaming around flying instead of walking. This mod lets you fly wherever you want around the Minecraft world quickly and efficiently. Different jetpacks come with different armor ratings and speed.

Minecraft Comes Alive. This mod enhances your gameplay Sims-like version. Interaction with Artificial Intelligence controlled characters became possible. You can communicate, do business, get into a relationship, and even get married and start a family with it.

Controlling. As your mods multiply, it becomes challenging in terms of controls. This mod helps you manage all your mods and keeps track on how to use them.


All the beginnings are always the headrest ones. But with proper guidance, hard tasks become easy. This installation guide for beginners is well-detailed and easy to understand. The sacrifice in modding rewards you with more attractive and enhanced gameplay. Downloading, installing, and using Minecraft mods are both challenging and fun thing to do.

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