Important Tips to Score well in Class 10 Maths Olympiad

Important Tips to Score well in Class 10 Maths Olympiad

Class 10 is the first important class in the school life of students. This is the first class where students appear for board exams for the very first time. The transition can seem to be very difficult for the student who is not well prepared and not much thorough with the portions. To achieve good results, students can follow few tips and pay attention to important suggestions during the process of preparation for exams. Olympiads are taken up by students to improve their accuracy rate in exams.

Being regular in revising what one learns throughout the day is needed. A student can master all the techniques in maths only through enough practice. Keeping up with the portions taught each day is compulsory. This way, it can be ensured that none of the main topics are ignored. Practising as much as possible is important. A candidate should make sure of attempting both the exercises and examples to gain better ideas. The wrong questions can be attempted many number of times to assure better marks. This can also help to keep track of the progress of the candidate’s work. 

All the concepts should be well understood in advance. The topics that seem to be difficult for the student must not be postponed towards the end of the process of preparation. This will cause an unnecessary lag and affect the confidence of the students. Make sure to clear all your concepts well in time. Consulting with the teacher for any doubts or help regarding the subject can be of timely help to the student.

 The first step in preparation is becoming aware of the syllabus and the chapters prescribed. The pattern of the Olympiad exam must be well known in advance, so that the preparation for the exam can be done accordingly.

The student can prepare a timetable or a schedule that includes each and every topic based on which questions are asked in a Maths Olympiad. A schedule can help to have a strict check on completion of the syllabus and topics. Thus, it can help the candidate to know their weakness and strengths. It cannot be said that a student is strong in all aspects. Some chapters may prove to be really difficult and the student should readily work on improving in that chapter so that he/she can be confident enough to perform. 

The goals set by the student can be daily, weekly or monthly too. The candidate should not always keep studying. They should make sure that they get enough breaks to relax in between. Continuous studies can result in stress getting piled up on the student and affecting the performance in exams too. Keeping one’s mind fresh is necessary to learn new topics.

Making notes is also advised because maths is a subject that involves a lot of writing and much speed too. Noting down the difficult and complicated formula and theorems in one separate place will prove to be very helpful. They can be revised and made use of everyday by the student. The notes can also serve as mind maps for the students on the day of their examinations. If a student finds it difficult to learn a particular chapter or formula, he/she can make use of the video and audio materials that are available on various websites on the Internet. This can also help with easy memorisation of certain topics.

Making use of sample question papers and model tests is also necessary. This can help the student become familiar with the patterns of the questions that have been regularly asked in the previous years. It will give the students an idea of the questions that can be expected while taking up competitive exams like the Olympiad. Some papers also have solutions that can be referred to after attempting the questions that are asked. Model papers will help the student feel as if he/she is taking up a real exam and thus help in time management.

Such exams are academically very important and students tend to get very nervous before the Olympiad. Proper rest must be taken to avoid lag and distractions during the exam. Fear will only create confusions in the mind of the student and will affect the confidence level. The candidate who is undertaking the Olympiad should be both mentally and physically prepared for the exam. All the equipment necessary must be prepared the previous day of the exam so that unnecessary tension can be avoided. 

Group studies can also help in the preparation of exams. When there is a group of students preparing for the same exam, there is much interaction. Members of the group can share their views and opinions based on several chapters being studied. This will inculcate new methods of learning in the minds of the children and also will aid them in achieving a common goal.

 The answer sheet must be properly and neatly presented. Highlighting all the answers and presenting the solutions in the given order is also greatly appreciated during such exams. Time should not be unnecessarily wasted on any question to which the answer is not known or cannot be ascertained. These types of questions can be kept for the last so that the candidate does not miss out any question to which he/she knows the answer to. The candidate must also be taught to attend every question regardless of knowing the answer or not. It can help fetch more marks and avoid getting zero marks for a difficult question.

Following such tips that are mentioned above and working diligently can help the student fetch more marks in an exam. These tips also help the student to build a stronger base in the class ten portions that can definitely prove to be fruitful for the future classes too. Taking up competitive exams such as the Olympiad can give the candidate an added advantage oer others taking up academic exams along with them. Thus, students can also perform well in exams conducted at school too.

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