How to Study For Class 12 Chemistry? (17 Tips You Can Use Today!)

Class 12 holds a distinct value and importance in our education system as well as the lives of several stakeholders including parents, teachers, and students. The board exams of class 12th will determine the college and the university you could or could not join after passing out from your respective schools. 

Science subjects such as Chemistry are not only challenging to understand but might also make students feel anxious and stressed. 

This article will help you in your approach to the vast subject of Chemistry. Given below are certain tips that when followed will help you tremendously in understanding the basic concepts of the subject and in the process score great marks in your final exam.

  1. Understand the syllabus

The most important step when you are starting any subject is to understand the syllabus of the subject. If a student is not aware of the subject, you might end up wasting your time while reading things/topics/concepts that might not even be relevant for the subject. 

  1. Analyze the past years’ papers

Download the previous years’ question papers and go through them to understand the pattern of the exam. Try to understand the types of questions that are asked. Try to analyze the trend of the papers; find out the topics or concepts that are frequently asked in the exam and make a list of them. They will give your preparation the required direction and guidance.

  1. Make a schedule

Plan how you will complete the syllabus by October. Divide the entire syllabus into various small parts and make a strategy on a weekly and monthly basis. The knowledge gained through the analysis of the syllabus and the PYQs will help you tremendously in executing this step.

  1. Plan your day enable

Plan your daily study tasks. This will help in dividing the content into tiny, consumable bits. Always plan the daily schedule and the tasks you will complete in one single day the night before. Note the tasks and the concepts that you have completed in a notebook to keep a record of your preparation.

  1. The importance of textbooks

The syllabus that you have to cover in the entire academic year is contained in your textbooks. You do not have to go for any advanced reference material. Read your NCERT books class 12th Chemistry thoroughly. Spend maximum time going through it again and again.

The syllabus that you have to cover in the entire academic year is contained in your textbooks. You do not have to go for any advanced reference material. Read your NCERT books class 12th Chemistry thoroughly. Spend maximum time going through it again and again. 

  1. Notes 

The art and habit of making notes enable you to understand even complex topics in a relatively easy manner. Make sure you use short sentences or just keywords and keep your notes simple. The notes will also come in handy on the day of the exam when you might not have hours to spend revising the entire chapters of the textbook.

  1. Regularity

You must stay regular to your classes as well as your daily study sessions. It will also allow you to develop a sense of discipline that will assist you in not only the academic areas but also in other spheres of life for the years to come.

  1. Attempt the questions

Attempting the questions given at the end of the chapter will encourage you to think and analyze whether you have understood the concepts taught in the chapter at all.

  1. Write tests

Writing tests will help you to analyze how prepared you are if your preparation is on track and the areas that you need to work on. Try to learn from the mistakes you make in the tests.

  1. Write the papers

Write the past years’ papers or sample papers at least once to see if your answers can rightly satisfy the demand of the questions. 

  1. Seek guidance

It is advisable to always seek the guidance of parents and teachers whenever you find yourself in a tough situation. Remember, you are not alone in this journey and people are present to actively help and support you.

  1. Manage your time

It is important to assess if you can or cannot manage the time in the exam hall when you might be facing extreme stress and pressure. Practising the past years’ papers’ will help you in this aspect.

  1. Eat healthy be healthy

Eat food that stimulates your brain. Include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dry fruits in your daily diet to ensure that your body is getting all the required nutrients to function at an optimum level.

  1. Do not compromise on your sleep

Whatever the situation may be, do not sacrifice your sleep. It is a must that you sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours daily. Sleep helps your body to rejuvenate. If you do not let your body rest, it might lead to mental and physical stresses that will hamper the functioning of your body in the long run.

  1. Stay physically active

You do not have to join a gym. You can simply go for a walk or a jog for 30 minutes daily. It is even better if you take a walk in the park where you can spend some time in nature taking in the fresh air. 

  1. Meditate

Meditation is not only a good habit, it is also an art. Meditation enables us to think rationally even in pressing times. It also connects us to ourselves. In a fast-paced world, it is important to spend some time in peace where you can introspect. 

  1. Revise and revise

The point though mentioned in the last is one of the most important tips that you should take away from this article. You should focus on revising your notes or textbooks starting the month of November. Revision is what will ensure that you can recall the relevant information at the right time in the exam and can reproduce it.

At no stage of your preparation should you doubt yourself? Analyze your preparation critically and strategize or modify your strategy accordingly. Following these tips regularly will make you feel confident. You will feel prepared on the day of the exam and will be able to conquer the Chemistry exam.

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