How to prepare for class 9 Hindi exam

Class 9 Hindi is very essential and the basics for language preparation. Many students often neglect Hindi and give very little importance and next to study regularly. This will be stressful during the exam. The last-minute learning will not help them to score well in the language thus the overall percentage decreases.  Referring to  NCERT Solutions students can prepare the language very easily.

Class 9 Hindi consists of four books in class 9.

The books are Kritika, Sanchayan, kshitij and Sparsh. You can get all the books by clicking on NCERT Books Class 9 Hindi.

The chapters in Kritika are 5.

The chapters in Sanchayan consists of 6.

Kshitij consists of 17 chapters.

Sparsh consists of 15 chapters.

Hindi class 9 Kritika chapters are with different storylines making it interesting for students. This also helps them to gain familiarity with Hindi literature and language. Students will be confident in answering the various types of questions which helps them to be well prepared for the Hindi exam.

In Sanchayan all six chapters have different notions and deeper applications in each chapter. Students should read completely to learn and be able to answer well.

The chapters in Kshitij are large but easy to understand. The number of chapters is more so students have to be prepared and plan well. Anything can be achieved with proper planning and strategy

Sparsh also has many interesting chapters which can be easily understood by reading it once or twice. Don’t limit yourself to reading just once. Some chapters might need more time so read it at least twice.


The topics covered in the Class 9th Hindi grammar are Kriya, Kaal, Pratyay, Upasarg, Sarvanam, Alankaar, Muhavare, Viraam Chinh, Upvaakya, Avikari Shabd, Karak, Vaakya Vishleshan, Vakya Sanshleshan, Visheshan, Tatsam, Arth,  Vichaar, Shudh Vartani, Sammas, Vaachya, Vachya Parivartan, Padh Parichay, Vachan, Ras, Vaakya, Ling.

Tips learn Hindi.

It is required to start the preparation much earlier to get the proper language grip. When you have time you can learn in the right way.

Make a timetable.

Understand the chapters and make a plan for each day. Analyze your capacity to cover the topics. Don’t overdo things. If you are weak in the language then make a daily routine and devote some time every day to Hindi.

Designate time and palace for your everyday studies. Make sure that the place where you will study is away from any kind of distractions.

Analyze your strengths and weakness which is very important. Some chapters will be easy to learn and some might be very time consuming so divide accordingly.

It is very important to divide the chapters in an organized way. The division of the chapters should be inclusive of the literature and grammar.

Grammar should be focussed and learnt systematically. Any language can be perfect once you know the grammar. You also should be aware of the rules of the important topics like nouns, verbs, parts of speech which are very commonly used.

Preparation of notes.

Whenever you are preparing or reading the chapters it is very important to prepare the notes with the key points. When you read the chapters in Hindi make one of the words which might be very new and also check the meanings and make a note of it.

Systematic notes are very useful and will help especially during the exam. You can have a regular revision of the complete chapter through the notes.

If you want to be well versed and get a proper grip of the language then the main practice should be reading and also writing. Reading helps to gain the familiarity of sentences and writing will give practice to the proper usage of words and sentences which is required in presenting the answers in the right format during the exams.

Grammar is a very significant and important element for any language. You have to understand the chapter following the rules and regulations of the usage. This will help you to present your answer well in the exam. You can refer to some good Hindi Grammar books which contain lots of practice exercises. Practising the exercises will give you the idea of the grammar usage accurately.

Solve the previous year question paper.

Once you have completed the chapters you can now start solving the previous year question paper. This will give you an idea of the way you have prepared and are you able to answer the questions relevantly. Solving the paper will make you familiar with the exact pattern of the question paper. The other advantage is the improvement in the management skills and also the development of speed and accuracy.

Focus and dedication.

Make sure that when you are learning the chapters focus on the topics with full dedication and interest. When you learn with focus you learn better.

Taking a break

Don’t study continuously. This might make you lose focus and frustrated. Minted of that it would be better to make the study sessions short with breaks in between. This will help in the motivation and also stay focussed.

Revising the chapters.

It is necessary to review whatever you would have studied earlier. When you sit for the next study session, start with the revision of what you have studied on the previous day. You can review from the notes what you have made during the earlier session. This will save much of your time and also the topics will be in the memory.

Referring to NCERT solutions will be very advantageous. Let us see the use of the solutions.

The solutions are given in simplistic language making it easier for students.

The solutions are curated by experts having a deep knowledge of the subject.

The notes can be well prepared with the help of NCERT.

The NCERT solutions are based on the latest CBSE curriculum.

The practise exercises help the students for comprehensive learning.

The summary and the explanations are easily understandable.

These are simple tips but effective.

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