Guide to Find Air product equipment in Singapore

What is Air Products?

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is a multinational US company that sells fuel and petroleum products for industrial applications. The Headquarters of Air Products is located in Pennsylvania, Allentown, in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, USA. Following Lehigh Valley Healthcare and St. Luke’s Hospital, Air Products is the third-largest company in the Lehigh Valley. The company was established in 1940 by Leonard P. Pool. The target was a terrorist attack on June 26th, 2015. Sefi Ghasemi is the new CEO and Chairman of Air Produkt. Has been the site of its French branch based in Saint Quentin-Fallavier.

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But the questions arises how to get Air product equipment in Singapore then read the further article to get the answer.

Import Air Product Equipements to Singapore:

Importation involves products imported from an entry point or Free Trade Area (FTZ) into customs territories, or items carried into the free trade area to be processed and re-exported pending. You are required to submit a certificate to Singapore Customs to import goods into Singapore. To non-dutiable products, the Goods and Services (GST) levy (GST) is required. Together, if the goods are imported for local consumption GST and duty payable on dutiable goods.

As an importer, you must first determine if your products reach Singapore and, if their goods stay inside of an FTZ, they are liable to duty or GST payment: duty and/or GST are suspended Tariffs and/or GST are required because commodities are distributable to local distribution directly. Duty and/or GST will be deferred as long as the products are processed in licensed premises when they are transported from an FTZ or entry point into customs-licensed premises such as zero-GST warehouses or regulated storage facilities.

Duty or GST is not payable on duty exemption or products issued or for those purchased under Singapore Customs or the applicable IRAS: Large Exporter Scheme. Tax is not payable. Duty and/or GST shall not be payable on items excluded from tax or GST relief. GST Suspension System (AISS) authorized import. GST importation system (IGDS)

Steps to deliver Air products equipment in Singapore:

  • Register yourself to activate customs account:

An individual to: participate in importation or export activities in Singapore or request for an import, export or shipping permit or certification, will have the following: Register with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or the relevant authorization authority Unique Individual Number (UEN) for a UEN.

  • Check the controlling of the goods: 

Test if you want to import items according to the Competent Authorities (CAs) in Singapore that are regulated goods or goods in dispute. The definition, Harmonized framework (HS), or CA product code may be used for your quest. The name of the CA will be shown next to the HS code when the item is under control. You may verify their license requirements directly with the corresponding CAS.

  • Apply the GIRO interbank:

To pay the duties, taxes, fees, sanctions and other charges on the services offered to Singapore from your bank account to Singapore Customs, you or your Declaring agent must maintain an IBG (Interbank GIRO) with Singapore Customs.

Submit to the Singapore Customs address the completed application for the Singapore GIRO form as specified in the form

  • Fit-out the security: 

You are expected to provide coverage for transactions involving dutiable goods, provisional importation, and service of licensed premises such as licensed storage facilities and excise factories for permitted purposes.

  • Apply for custom import permit:

Usually S$2.88 costs every license application. Service charges for service providers including freight forwarders, declaring agents, etc. are not included. You can check the number of service charges that you charge if you hire a Declaring Agent to assist in the submission of your permit application.

  • Preparation of documents:

Requirements for accepted licenses are given for a term of validity. The authenticity of the license for the product clearance should be assured. The container and the shipper seal number are required for imports of the containerized cargo upon request of authorization.

  • Get back your documents:

Typically, for five years following acceptance of a permit application, you are expected to maintain the necessary supporting documents related to the acquisition, purchasing, selling or export of a product.


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