What is Blooket and how does it work?

Blooket is a web-based quiz game platform for group competition or solo study. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence, which adapts to each unique player’s strengths and weaknesses and generates new, individualized questions based on their performance. The game was founded in 2017 in order to conquer the educational games market, which has been dominated by corporations such as Kahoot and Quizlet for years.

What is the aim of Blooket?

The aim of Blooket is to give students a fun learning experience, so that they can improve their knowledge and grades. The mobile app provides an exciting learning experience by combining games and learning – two of the most popular student pastimes. By playing together, students can challenge each other and improve their grades by learning new information.

What is the difference between Kahoot and Blooket?

The basic difference is that blooket games are played between two players one at a time in a turn-based format. Kahoot classic game mode, which is styled like Kahoot, can only be played live. Unlike the website which we all know and love, there are five more game modes to choose from. The other five can be played at any time, by yourself or against others, all of which can earn you tokens. These tokens can be used to buy blooks.

How can Blooket be used in the classroom?

A typical classroom setting is probably not the best place to employ a Blooket. But, if you and your students are passionate about a topic, it will be great for review and assessment. The beauty of the Blooket is that students can choose up to ten questions at a time from their teacher. This allows them to hone in on the topics they care most about while solidifying their knowledge of other topics.

Once they have selected the questions they want to complete, they can answer on their own devices. There are no written quizzes or exams; instead, points are granted based on student accuracy once they’ve answered the questions. Both you and your students can view all of the answers at once, allowing for a team-based learning environment.

The Blooket is an incredibly efficient tool for formative assessment, showing you which topics need more review or practice with your whole class. If a student struggled with a specific question, it may be time to delve more into that topic’s material, without wasting class time reviewing content that may not need as much attention.

Benefits of using Blooket in the classroom

Here are some benefits:

  • Students can take notes on their phone and make them visible for all students in the class. This way, students who are having difficulty with a certain topic can see what other students have written down and understand it better. This is super helpful for problem solving by everyone studying together, rather than in smaller groups that may be inefficient.
  • Blooket creates a positive learning environment by syncing your lecture with the Blooket app.
  • You can assign different book chapters to different students and then see which student understands the chapter better.
  • Students can listen to audio books while they study or read a book. This way they don’t have to miss any teaching time by using their phones in class.

Do students need an account for Blooket?

Students do not need an account to join a Blooket game. When students are putting together a game, an invitation will be sent out to your players, who may then click on the link to join you. Once in the game, students won’t need to do anything they’ll simply have access to the game you’ve created.

Can students use Blooket at home?

Students can use Blooket at home using the same Blooket account they are using in the classroom, that’s why we’re updating a new feature called “My Devices”. This will give students the power to share their one-of-a-kind Blooket account across multiple devices easily, without having to interfere with their personal information.

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