4 Blu-Ray Disc Players That You Should Buy This 2020

A lot of people use their streaming apps to play their favorite movies and TV series. Blu-Ray players still offer unmatched quality in terms of performance. Any user will be able to pair their streaming apps with a Blu-Ray player that will improve the quality of their material. And, for the Blu-Ray player market, the same question goes in almost any other aspect of the Samsung vs. Sony conversation.

Any user will be able to play formats like Dolby Vision, HDR 10, and many more. These are the formats that will guarantee an improved viewing experience. Without a doubt, you will get the best image quality combined with a crisp and detailed sound. Be part of the Sony vs. Samsung conversation and pair one of these Blu-Ray players with your favorite streaming apps.

It may be a fact that the popularity and demand for these Blu-Ray players are slowly fading away. However, getting one for yourself still gets you a ton of benefits in terms of your entertainment system experience. So, which one should you buy? Pick between the best Sony and Samsung Blu-Ray players that you can buy this year.

Sony X800 4K WiFi Blu Ray Player

The UBP X800M2 is probably the best Sony 4K WiFi Blu-ray disc player that Sony has to offer. This Sony 4K WiFi Blu-Ray Disc Player has a military tank’s aesthetics while rocking a minimalist finish that looks like an art piece. Good to know that users are going to get a disc player that will complement any home decor.

To talk about performance, the X800M2 will deliver in any of your entertainment system needs. In today’s standards, there are two sides to creating the best viewing experience. You have the image quality and audio quality. You will be able to have 4K resolution along with a superb HDMI audio output.

The UBP X800 will be able to deliver on any of your 4K needs. It is always good to know that it performs well enough as to how it looks as good. This Blu-ray disc player also has two HDMI ports on the back for both audio and video. Sony prioritizes to deliver a well-rounded experience with a dedicated audio output.

If you want something that looks stunning and is a high-performer, the X800 is a must-have for your home entertainment set up. The X800 has all the functionality that you will need for the best viewing experience possible.

Samsung BD-J6300

The Samsung BD-J6300 probably is one of the best Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player that any Samsung fan can buy in 2020. The BD-J6300 features a lot of Opera functionality. This fact means that you will be able to access all of your favorite videos, music, and games.

To add more to the functionality aspect, you will also be able to access social media, sports networks, and more. The BD-J6300 from Samsung will surely be the answer in streamlining your Blu-Ray Disc Player needs as it performs more than just a disc player.

The BD-J6300 will automatically upscale the resolution of any movies, music, and more into 4X its normal resolution. Look for the BD-J6300 to be the perfect tool for transforming your TV into a complete home entertainment system.

Samsung UBD-KM85c

The UBD-K85c from Samsung has all the features that you need plus a lot of higher-end features that come with the package. If you are looking for a reliable player for your favorite movie in 4K UHD DVD, then the UBD-K85c is one of the most reliable models available. You will also be able to view different streaming apps, an internet browser, and more.

The aesthetics of this 4K Blu-Ray disc player reminds us of the DVD players from the 2000s. Only this time, that decade-old DVD player look has a lot of modern techs to boast. You will be able to play or stream content in near 4K UHD resolution with a disc player that has a minimalist finish. Users will also be able to pair their 3D TV with this Blu-Ray Disc Player for the ultimate 3D home entertainment system.

You will also find many popular apps in the “My Apps” option in the user interface. You can download apps like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and more and stream them with the built-in wifi in crisp and exceptional quality.

Sony UBP-X700

It is only right that we start with the best Blu-ray player on our list. We will kick off the list with a Sony 4k WiFi Blu-ray disc player called the Sony UBP-X700. You can never go wrong with this cutting edge 4K Blu-ray player with its outstanding performance at a reasonable price.

Sony UBP-X700 boasts the solid reputation of Sony players, which are all good performers. You will get that solid performance and more with the UBP-X700. Pair this solid Blu-ray player with your favorite streaming services for a quality experience in terms of movies and more.

The Sony UBP-X700 is compatible with Dolby Vision, which is another reason for its solid performance. Get this solid, bang for your buck 4K Blu-ray player starting at a price point of $179 on Amazon.

Samsung UBD-K8500

Coming at second, we have a Samsung Blu-ray disc player. This Blu-ray player is not a gaming console, so expect it to focus more on UHD playback, online media streaming, and media-file features. The UBD-K8500 boasts a smooth and easy user-interface, thanks to its Java-based UI. All of your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and more are installed here, too!

It will be an easy plug and play for anyone who buys the Samsung UBD-K8500. Also, it is on par with other 4K Blu-ray players in terms of performance. Expect it to compete against the likes of an X-Box One S and Panasonic’s DMP-UB900.

The only issue we have about this blu-ray disc player is that it is pricier than other brands. It would make sense if you jumped ship into another brand like Sony. However, if you like to stay true to a Samsung setup, the UBD-K8500 is still a solid choice. Price starts at $347 on Amazon.


To finish, the 4K Blu-ray player market does not only fall on the shoulders of Sony and Samsung. There are also other capable competitors worthy of the hype and attention. However, Sony has a lot of better options when it comes to affordability. If you are looking to show off or stay true to your Samsung set up, Samsung players are the best-performing ones in that category.

Look for these 4K Blu-ray players to improve your entertainment system experience. See for yourself how magnificent things are when they are in 4K Ultra HD.

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