YouTube Marketing results- how to optimize it?

You opened your YouTube channel with an aspiration that it will add some serious impetus to your marketing and branding endeavors. However, after a few days, you notice that your videos are not getting the desired engagement with the target customers. These days, you will come across an ample platform to make YouTube movies. As such, creating a video to market your brand is not a big task. However, getting the optimum engagement with the viewers is undoubtedly a hard task to accomplish. You need to approach this task strategically to reap the desired outcome. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss the possible ways to optimize the marketing results on YouTube. 

Is it really inevitable to market on YouTube? 

The latest statistics about online video and YouTube will certainly fascinate you. Only in the US, every year, people use to stream 15 Billion videos. The picture is not different in other parts of the globe. While the count of TV viewers is rising at a rate, lesser than 1% every year, the count of mobile and internet video watchers has increased by 30% on average in between the last few years. As such, if you are not coming up with YouTube Videos, you are simply turning away from the demand of the time. 

As more and more businesses are venturing on this platform, needless to state, it will grow all the more competitive. So, you need to be exceptional and exclusive, if you aspire to your marketing videos to produce the desired outcome. The question is how to accomplish that mission. Here comes the guide that will take you closer to your objective. 

1. Your videos must be compelling enough to grab the attention of the viewers 

On YouTube, there is an endless option for videos to check. As such, why should your target customers, open your videos and watch it till the end? This is going to happen, only if the content is compelling them to do so. As such, the topic and content should be created in a manner that adds value to their life. For instance, you should focus on offering solutions to some of the queries and issues that your target customers hold. 

The content should address some of their key needs, rather than coming with high-pitch sales talk. Research suggests that, when your videos start offering a solution to the issues faced by the viewers, it will automatically boost their engagement with the videos, enhancing the average retention time. This, in turn, will significantly enhance the ranking of your videos. 

2. Your target audience should not face issues in finding your videos

Most importantly, your target audience should be able to find your videos, putting the least effort and time. They must not face any issues in exploring your videos, or they will be churned off from your channelAlways focus on the following points to accomplish this objective: 

  • While you create the title, ensure you are using the targeted keywords within the first few words of the title. Alternatively, you may add a colon after the target keywords, subsequently, rephrasing the title. This is one point that is probably more important than using the best promo video maker.
  • A solid description will go a long way to boost engagement with your videos. Use simple words and try to include as many keywords as possible in the description. Consider that it is the preface to the rest of the content to follow. 
  • Try to use as many relevant and related Tags as possible. 

3. Work on branding your YouTube Channel 

Don’t assume that you inevitably need to become a YouTube Partner or spend tons of money on promoting your videos for creating a branded experience. Ideally, channel owners on YouTube need to consider it as their out-of-state home, eventually converting it to a destination. 

  • Avail customized backgrounds and pick the colors that complement your branding strategies. 
  • As for the channel layout, always opt for the Player View option. 
  • Setting the featured videos to the Autoplay mode. Remember, the count of total views is a determining factor to decide the ranking. 
  • Creating a playlist that will feature the best content in the right column. 

5. Building subscribers by using annotations 

Adding notes that come with included clickable Call-to-action is an effective way to build more subscribers. These notes come at the top of the videos, and you can always include links, leading to other videos, channels as well as a playlist. Alternatively, the annotation can include an option to subscribe to your channel. 

6. Keep posting bulletins that will keep updating the followers about the latest events 

You will find a tab to post Bulletin, lying at the top of the channel. It is possible to create a bulletin, including a link to your latest video, and this will hit the home pages of your subscribers and followers. Using this trick, you can significantly enhance the traffic and the view of your channel. 

7. Have you given a try to YouTube Ads? 

If not, you need to do that right now. It is possible to bid on the Keywords that your relevant traffic is most likely to use. However, rather than using text content for your ads, you should ideally come up with videos, appearing with a Thumbnail. If compared with the rates that you will pay for advertising on Google or Facebook, the cost here is almost insignificant. 

8. You require levering on the top social media sites 

Levering on the top social media sites is a must if you want to get optimized results for your marketing videos on YouTube. For example, you can share these videos on Facebook that will drive a significant volume of traffic to your channel.

Most importantly, keep reviewing the analytics and insights on a regular basis that will direct your future course of action. 

Either, you can collate the information on a video of your choice, or you can collect aggregated results for all the videos posted on your channel. 

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