Ten Useful Tips for Easy Tax & GST Return Filing with Sag Infotech

SAG Infotech GEN GST software is developed for GST filing and invoicing purposes. It is considered as one of the best GST filing software available for charted accountants in the Indian market. The software is available in both online and desktop variants. Its online variant is based on highly secured JAVA language whereas desktop variant is based on the .NET platform

SAG Infotech GEN GST software is not independent of OS and thus, facilitates you to work on the desktop straight away after its installation. You can also download this GST software for free. It comes with SaaS service that is cloud compatible and can be accessed by the user anytime and anywhere. The software provides on the spot assistance to small businesses for GST billing and e-filing purpose.

The company has developed many GST software modules that ensure faster and easier GST tax filing as well as invoicing work for the user. With this GST software, you can file your GST returns online and the payment will be accepted via net banking or debit/credit card.

Considering the necessity for safety, the software has been integrated with secure payment gateways for safe transactions. Moreover, this software has been made compliant with all the relevant rules and regulations.

Features and Technical Specifications

Let us take a look on its technical specifications:

Organization type                 :           SMEs, mid market, Enterprise, Govt, PSUs, Start ups and agencies

Number of employees          :           1-10    11-15  16-200            201-500

Supported platforms                        :           Ubuntu, IOS and Windows

Device                                     :           Desktop

Deployment                           :           Web based     Perpetual

Suitable for                            :           All industries

Business specific                   :           All businesses

Language                               :           English

Following are some key features of this software:

  • e-Payment
  • Tax Liability Register
  • ITC Match/Mismatch Report generation
  • Online GST Portal
  • Monthly GST Report
  • Sales Analyse Report
  • Multi-Branch Connectivity
  • GST audit report
  • GST returns
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Discount & Schemes
  • Document Printing
  • Utilities
  • Email Integration
  • Financial Management
  • Mobile App
  • Multi Company
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • SMS Integration
  • Data Backup and Restore
  • Data Security & Accuracy
  • GST Compliance
  • Collaboration

What are the Possible Benefits of Using this Software?

It is an essential tool for charted accountants and can benefit them in their accounting in numerous ways. Following are the benefits of using SAG Infotech GEN GST Software:

  • You can upload invoice and import data in GSTR-1 from any popular accounting software with just a single click.
  • It offers you an Unique Client Authentication Mechanism
  • A free version of GST Software (SAAS) is also available.
  • You can create backup or restore your data.
  • It provides you SMS and Email Facility.
  • It offers you a dedicated Mobile App.
  • It has built in Highly Secured JAVA Language.
  • You can have unlimited Client E-filing.
  • You can choose any GSP or ASP for fast GST Return e-Filing.
  • It provides you match mismatch report notification, auto error detection and ITC calculation.
  • You can pay your taxes electronically with a single click.
  • It helps in creation of Masters.
  • You can generate e-way bill, customise the billing format based on your business requirement.

Ten Useful Tips for Easy Tax and GST filling with SAG infotech GEN GST software

Following are the ten ways in which you can file GST:

  1. First, go to GST return to click GSTR 1 in the menu. Now, choose the respective client, year and month. It provides a unique feature by which you can file GST both monthly and quarterly. You have to create the receivers detail of the client. Go to receiver detail and click on ADD. You will have to options to fill the details,
    either import the data or create a new short or descriptive list from the corresponding options.
  2. Next, you can also check the return status of the client through GST Software. Click on GSTR1. Select the respective client and choose the status button. Now click get status from the portal button, enter the captcha and click on process button. In the same manner, you can check the return status of GSTR 3B, 4B etc.
  3. To file GSTR 2A, click on GST return and go to GSTR 2A. Select the respective client and click on get data. Select the month and click on download all. Click on okay and enter the captcha and choose process.
  4. Moreover, you can reset return in GSTR 3B. Go to GSTR3B button and select the respective client. Your GSTR3B reset return must be submitted, not filled. Go to reset return button. Enter the captcha. Click on reset return button. Click yes on the respective dialog box to reset the return.
  5. Downloading bulk return status for GSTR 1, GSTR 3B and GSTR 4 is possible. Go to GST returns and select the month and the client. Go to return status button and click on get status button. Enter captacha and click on process. All data will be downloaded in bulk.
  6. You can view clients according to registration date and dealer type. Click on GST returns, then click GSTR 1 button. After selecting the month, the clients list is displayed and you can see the dealer type and registration time and date.
  7. Furthermore, you can auto filter regular and composition clients. Go to GST returns and click on GSTR 1 button. Select the month and the client and click on the return status button. You can see the dealer type, composition and regular at the respective dates. Select the respective client, by pressing the F2 button you can change the dealer type. At the page bottom, you will find update record button. Click on the button to update the record. You will see the status in the return.
  8. You can download all section data from the portal. Go to client and click on import client from GST insight. Enter the username and password with captcha. Click on process. You will view the client being imported. Next, a dialog box will appear and ask if you want to import all sections from the data portal. Click yes if you want to import, a window will open. Select or deselect the overwrite accordingly. Select the module and choose the button. Click import button, enter captcha, and click on process. The data will download.
  9. Importing data from SAG excel is possible. Go to GST returns, click GSTR 1 and select the month and the client. Go to fill forms, click import and export button. Go to excel and choose import from SAG excel. Click on browse path and choose the file. Click on get data. From the options for importing data, choose the first option and click import.
  10. You can import the data from govt excel. Go to GST returns. Click GSTR 1 and select the month and client. Go to fill forms and click import and export. Choose excel and import from Govt excel. Select the browse path and choose the file. Click on Get data. From options for import data choose the first option and click import. Your data will be imported the govt excel.


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