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Automate app is a fastest running android app that lets you automate various tasks on your Smartphone and tablets. It is capable of creating flowcharts using automation process. Automate app free download let you change the parameter automatically like, wifi, Bluetooth NFC. You can also send and receive SMS or e-mails, based on your current location. It let you edit the flowchart by adding blocks by connecting the dots. In automating app, your automation is safe and easy to share using the in-app community. Automate app review displays the time of day, background apps, battery level and many other trigger events. With this app, you can perform file sharing to FTP or Google drive, play music, take photos and much more.

Automate app free download
Automate app free download

Automate app Android

Automate app latest version includes account auto sync property, airplane mode, attention light LED, etc. It uses an App notification for toggle the state, priority, and visibility. It also contains an alarm that enables you to wait and set the time. It is capable of calling such as incoming, outgoing and dial. Using its calendar function, you can add any event or query as well. Automate app keygen also support cloud messaging by sending and receiving. In automating app, you can list, copy, move or delete any file.

Automate v1.10.0

Automate Premium v1.3.0 cracked apk download has an IR transmitter, map, interruption, car mode, media store, media button and much more. This program also supports 2G/3G and 4G.  In automating app, you can set delay, wait and window for time zone. This Automate Premium v1.10.0 Cracked APK enables you to perform USB tethering, USSD request, speech recognition, recording audio/videos and so on. This app can add additional plug-in, power source.

Automate app latest version
Automate app latest version

Key features of Automate app Features

  • MMS compose, send
  • Mobile network; type, operator, service, signal strength
  • NFC; scan write tag
  • Night mode capability
  • Mobile data support
  • Play sound, ping, and receive HTTP request
  •  Send and receive Gmail via FTP
  • Notification for show hide, cancel, policy, posted.

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